9 New Raw Dessert Recipes

Hello hello! Its been a little while since I posted a new recipe on here but today I've got 9 new recipes to share with you. Not too shabby eh?

We also had a fabulous giveaway on Vivapura's blog for a bag of Jarrah Bee Pollen - one of my very favourite super foods that comes from Australia. Its sweet, crunchy, and full of nutrition. Its the best topping for smoothies and ice cream… I like a small handful of it all by itself too. Barely anyone entered the giveaway! You're missing out. Stay tuned for more giveaways (another one in a few weeks).

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Raw Raspberry Ice Cream HERE is very simple, refreshing, and sugar free!

My Raw White Chocolate Vanilla Matcha Swirl Cheesecake recipe HERE was a big hit with my friends.

Raw banana chocolate squares recipe HERE is great when you want something chewy bursting with cacao and banana flavours.

Raw white chocolate mango mousse parfait recipe HERE is perfect  for the warm summer months that are upon us.

Ive made my vanilla avocado chia pudding (recipe HERE), 3 times already. It's so easy to whip up - I suggest a double batch because you'll want to eat the whole bowl yourself 😉

My raw white chocolate trail mix bars (recipe HERE) are one of my favourite recent creations. Your loved ones won't be able to tell how healthy they are because they taste so great (tip: the white chocolate coating is key for the best bar ever).

Instagram pic of the bars! (Find me in Instagram HERE)

I created a raw pistachio halva recipe that I shared on video HERE.

I shared a recipe video for maca coconut bites HERE.

Caramel Pear Parfait recipe HERE that I posted today.

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