A Little Vacation

Last Thursday evening J and I began our journey to Southern Ontario to visit his family and friends for a long weekend. It's a great time of year to be down here because the leaves are turning incredible colors and the weather is warmer than at home. I get to enjoy the big maple trees that we don't have up north.
On our first full day here we went up the mountain at Glen Eden ski hill to take in the views of the Niagara escarpment.

We rode the chair lift - something I haven't done since I was a kid!

Lots of beautiful walking paths.

I love this barn!

J and his brother on the ridge.

A bunch of us went for dinner and bowling one night. I haven't bowled since I was about 13 years old and let me say.... I'm veeery rusty! lol

We're all ready to go!

I think she got a strike that time.

I'm thinking in my head "strike!" but I think I only knocked a few pins down. I need to practice!

J's mom, his sister, and I went to Chrysalis hot yoga for a class. J and I took a class last Christmas.

Afterward we ate lunch at the adjoining Naked Sprout Cafe which I did a review on last year.

I really like this raw restaurant - the ambiance, service, and food are all great.

We started with an appetizer of coconut poppers with cashew ranch to share. It was incredible!

We all loved it!

Breaded young coconut strips with ranch dipping and sunflower sprouts. Again - divine!

All 3 of us had the caesar salad for our mains. It came with smoked coconut "bacon", parsnip croutons, and rawmesan. It tasted like a peppery hemp dressing. Very delish! I would definitely order this again.

Lots of delicious desserts to choose from, as posted on the board - Unfortunately a lot of them were sold out.

I ordered the linzer torte cheesecake to take home and share with J. It was delish - garnished with dehydrated strawberries.

L got a vegan brownie to take home and I got some to share with J as well. They sell vegan, gluten free brownies and cupcakes from Kind Food. I like to each order one and share to get two smaller desserts! 🙂 This was fabulous! Especially with coconut bliss ice cream for dessert after dinner. Mmm.

It's been a wonderful trip and now it's time to make the journey home early tomorrow morning....

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