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Hi, my name is Heather Pace. I became a health conscious vegan at the age of 14 after reading the book Fit For Life. I discovered new ways to enjoy my favorite foods, particularly my beloved desserts. My curiosity was peaked when I stumbled upon a raw food restaurant at the age of 16, and by the time I was 18 I attended my first raw retreat for a month in California where I learned how to prepare raw vegan food.


My passion for food led me to a two year culinary school program at the age of 18. Despite the fact that I wasn’t interested in most of the food being prepared, I gained valuable experience by learning the basics and all that the food industry has to offer. I went on to work in various restaurants, bakeries, as personal chef, and then started teaching raw food classes to teach people about the benefits of raw food and show them how delicious and easy it can be to prepare. I love share with people that we can all "have our cake and eat it too"!


I've authored a recipe book called Sweetly Raw Desserts published by Quarry Books and its a dream come true to able to share my recipes in an actual book. I've also written 7 raw dessert e-books, teach raw food classes, and have hosted several raw dessert challenges on this site.

I've also recently started a Youtube Channel HERE featuring healthy recipes.


91XCp-JNTgLThese days I live in the beautiful Victoria, BC Canada where I teach raw food classes here and in other cities, and sell my treats  at farmers markets. I also do recipe development, food photography,  product reviews and videos.


My 13 years of veganism (including 3 years as a raw vegan) ended about 6 years ago when I became very sick and chose to adopt a whole foods diet which includes select animal products and cooked food. You can read the full story HERE. I started a new blog to document my new path to radiant health for a short period of time, called Universal Eater (although I don't up keep that blog anymore). And please check out my other blog Food and Yoga for Life which contains lots of recipes ranging from raw (but savoury), to cooked vegan, to vegetarian, and otherwise.


I'm also a certified kripalu yoga instructor and have taught for many years. It's my other passion beside food.



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Recipe development, food photography, product reviews, private classes, group classes.


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