Adventure Tour in Costa Rica

Last week J and I embarked upon a fantastic day long adventure tour. After getting picked up from our hotel at 6:30am we had an hour and a half long drive to the forest where the fun began...

Zip lining was first! Have you ever tried it? This was our first time and we loved it. I was a little nervous at first, but it's very safe. All geared up and ready to go!

I'm flying down the line! We have to wear gloves that have very thick protective padding on the palms - otherwise the wire will burn through your skin with all the friction.

Safe landing.

We zipped over beautiful spots like this!

We swung over a little canyon to this rock climbing wall. I snapped a bunch of shots but J turned out blurry. It was my first time climbing a rock wall - fun! Have you ever done it?

He scaled the wall so fast that I only got a shot as he approached the top! He blends in a bit. Can you see him?

Immediately after that we enjoyed an hour long horse back ride through a forest trail which landed us at the start of a 45 minute white water tubing ride. This was crazy fun and a little dangerous. We were under strict orders to stay in the big rubber tubes at all times, even if we got stuck on rocks along the way. The current of the water is too strong, and if a foot were to get wedged under the rocks a person's legs would be broken. We were armed in helmets, lifejackets, and footwear. We had a total blast literally bouncing between large rocks in the water with sections of calmer water along the way to glide through - and yes we got stuck many times and had to wiggle our legs around to shift back into the current. What a blast! Upon finishing the ride we bussed back to the main point where a gorgeous buffet awaited the group. We even enjoyed freshly squeezed watermelon and pineapple/orange juices. It was a treat! Unfortunately we didn't bring the camera for this part of the adventure - we wish we could have but there's no way it could have lasted the crazy river ride.

After lunch we travelled to another spot with several natural hot springs and mud baths. It was a wonderful way to end the tour. Here's the swinging bridge we had to walk to get to another section of the hot springs. Only two people are allowed on at a time!

One of the springs was as hot as 40C! We didn't go in that one. We happily painted each other in special mud which is heated over a small hot spring.

Painting your partner with mud is fun!

After painting, we sat on the rocks in the sun to "bake" and let the mud do its magic.

It was an absolutely wonderful day that left us fully satisfied and tired! But we got back just in time for another spectacular sunset...

...and a lovely beach walk with my hunny.

Another sunset... love the sailboat in this pic!

Every day we sipped young coconuts, or "pipas" as they're called in Spanish, on the beachy. We had easy access to them at the juice bar across the street from our hotel for $1 each. After sipping the juice we dug out the coconut meat with a spoon to enjoy straight up, OR we blended it with fresh pineapple and ice to make a pudding/smoothie. J brought his magic bullet blender to make shakes. My other favourite combo was coconut and papaya blended together. Yummm!

The wave is about to get me!
Little crabby. Isn't he cool?!
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  1. March 9, 2012 at 13:09

    Love your adventures! So much fun, I want to do it all!!

  2. March 9, 2012 at 21:44

    You both look radiant and stunning--and wow, what fun you had! Thanks for sharing.<br /><br />And how cool is that, that your bf packed a blender!

  3. March 10, 2012 at 13:41

    sounds like a great trip! love all the pics!!! we are so happy to hear that you both had a wonderful time there! now we want to do a mud bath that sounds like so much fun!!! <br />xoxo<br />L&M

  4. March 10, 2012 at 14:30

    Thanks gals, yes yes go to Costa Rica!!! :)

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