Adventures to The Sunny Raw Kitchen in BC – Part 2

The raw Divas meet again!!! As you know, I was just warming up in Part 1 of this fabulous adventure out to Carmella's place.

I know I promised to continue with the food production, but before I get to that, let me first share with you some breathtaking views of the scenery out there. I thought I could do it all in one post...but I have too many other pics to post, so stay tuned!
Wow, how I love the mountains! They are so strong and powerful!
Suzanna (Mosaica from RFC) and Carmi, in front of the river/mountains.
Notice the inukshuks here?? (The rock formations) - very cool!
Zsolt, Suzanna, Carmi, Don, Heathy - taking a little stop to watch the sunset 🙂 We had a picnic here - what a great spot for it, eh?

British Columbia is known for it's natural hot springs. We went one afternoon and it was absolutely wonderful! I'm amazed that these hot tubs pop up in the middle of nowhere!

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  1. November 12, 2008 at 15:53

    Hi, where can I find the recipe for these peanut butter cups? They look marvelous. Thank you!

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