New Recipes! Chocolate macaroons, cinnamon maca milkshake, and a smoothie.

My poor bloggie has been so neglected lately, but it's all for good reason. I've been busy in my kitchen formulating recipes for my raw dessert book, and I've had the opportunity to create raw recipes for a wonderful organic raw food company called Vivapura. I've been a fan of their products for years because they are all about quality, and they carry exotic ingredients in addition to items that are part of any raw food pantry. Jarrah bee pollen, dried jakfruit, spirulina crunches, and lucuma coconut creme are some of my favourite specialty foods they sell. To my knowledge you cannot find these ingredients in any health food stores. And their stone ground nut butters are so silky smooth. So good!

I hope you'll hop over and check out the recipes I've created using their products. Creamy Blueberry Coconut Smoothie is perfect for breakfast. Find my recipe HERE .

Chocolate hemp butter macaroons are great for an afternoon snack. They're chewy, chocolatey, and have a definite hemp taste too. Find my recipe HERE.

I've also made a recipe video for the first time in over 3 years! You have to try this raw vegan cinnamon maca milkshake. It is sooo good.

Here's a shot from my last book photoshoot a few days ago. Melissa is an amazing photographer!

And a few of my latest pics from instagram. You can catch more on my instagram HERE.

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