Raw Chocolate – Make Your Own! And A New Recipe Video

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you know what that means… CHOCOLATE! And your loved one, and romance, and beautiful flowers too 😉 I've been getting emails from many of you in hopes of ordering my raw chocolate this year for Valentines, but unfortunately I'm not shipping them out this year. I've got too many other things on my plate - but I will offer it again in the future so always stay tuned. Fortunately, I have plenty of recipes so that you can make your own raw vegan chocolate! If you haven't made chocolate before, it's easier than you might think it to be. Really! You just need the right ingredients and a few tips along the way.

I share my recipes, tips, and gorgeous photos in my ebook, My Raw Chocolate Dream, and from now until February 10th you can buy it for 40% off! The book is normally $14.97, but in the next ten days you can get it for only $8.99. You can see more of what the book has to offer HERE

This sale is over now but you can still buy the book! 
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Here's just a bit of what you'll find in the book…
Treat your loved one to raw chocolate bars instead of buying it from the store.
You'll find a recipe for raw white chocolate that tastes just like the real thing!
And make cake pops without any of the gluten or refined sugar or dairy.
Peanuts, caramel, and chocolate. Yummm!
Or make filled chocolates.
And don't forget chocolate covered peanut butter balls for the peanut butter lover in your life.
If you like coconut, try my chocolate coconut macaroons.

And here's another recipe I recently made using Vivapura's wonderful ingredients. And to be clear, I am endorsing these products because they are very high quality, raw, organic ingredients. I have been a fan of this company for years (I wrote a post about their jackfruit 4 years ago and posted a recipe for raw jackfruit ice cream). These cherry nut power bars back a nutritional punch and are really tasty!

And you can see a written version of the recipe HERE.

Will you be making your own healthy raw chocolate this Valentine's Day?

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