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Hello from a very snowy Victoria, BC Canada! I feel like I'm in a snow globe right now. I grew up in cold, snowy Northwestern Ontario and thought I was escaping that weather when I moved to the coast but apparently its our turn. Do you have snow where you are?

With Valentine's Day only a few days away, I just had to share some new recipes - and check out my Instagram @sweetlyraw for many more ideas for the occasion. My feed is all pink desserts right now! These three vegan and gluten free chocolate recipes are ones I enjoy all year around and often have at least one kind in my fridge at any given time. They're so easy to make that I whip them up when I'm having a chocolate craving.

So what's in the line up?

I've created a new RECIPE VIDEO with these 3 easy treats that you'll be able to whip up easy peasy. I hope you enjoy it!

Chocolate Super Food Cups

Two slightly different versions of a super food filling in a chocolate cup. The filling has a base of only 2 ingredients!

Chocolate Nut Clusters

I think these are one of my all time favourite chocolate treats because I absolutely love chocolate with crunchy nuts and some chewy sweet raisins.

Granola Chocolate Bars

A great way to eat granola! Haha. But seriously, a fun way to enjoy granola. I have two versions to share with you.

I've created a recipe video showing you step by step how easy they are to make - AND what's even better is that you don't really need an actual recipe. They're so flexible that you don't need any formal measurements.

You can see my recipe video HERE. I hope you'll check it out. I think it's my favourite recipe video that I've created so far - using a whole new style: all done on my iphone!

Let me know what you think. It's a bit  more relaxed yet fun at the same time.

Will you be making chocolate treats for Valentine's Day?

Click the pic below to see my recipe video!

Looking for more healthy Valentine's Day treat ideas?

Check out THIS POST with 10 Valentine's Day recipes including this raw vegan strawberry cheesecake.

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