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Exciting news! I've started doing free yoga videos on my YouTube channel! I don't know why its taken me so long. I should have started this 10 years ago when my yoga students used to ask me to create videos whenever I went away on holiday. I plan on uploading them regularly - different levels and lengths - so stay tuned and let me know what you'd like to see. My first one is a short morning yoga flow and I've got a yoga flow for weight loss coming up this coming week.

I recently went to Belize and Guatemala and had the most wonderful time. I put together a VIDEO on how I eat healthy while traveling. Everything from traveling with my own food and finding good eats in the airport to dining out and buying food along the way.

Have you ever been to Belize or Guatemala? It was my first time and I hope to go back and travel around even more. I also toured a cacao plantation, picked a cacao pod straight from the tree, and learned how to make chocolate from beans to bar by hand, the old fashioned way. I'll be putting together a video on this too!!

I saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets
I ate lots of fruit including my all time favourite: papaya
I toured ancient Mayan ruins
And struck yoga poses along the way

You can see my travel video HERE.

I have a bunch of new YouTube videos coming up soon so be sure to subscribe to catch them!

See you soon!



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