Vegan Ice Cream Sundae Challenge WINNER

What feels like ages ago, a Vegan Ice Cream Sundae Challenge began here on Sweetly Raw. Sixteen of you got to work in your kitchens to produce delicious and beautiful sundaes to share with the world. If you haven't checked out all the entries yet, you can see all the sundaes in this post. As I've witnessed in past, the creativity seen in these dessert challenges is astounding and I was really excited to see what everyone came up with. It gets me thinking about more fun contests so here's my question to you:

Who's up for another dessert challenge in the future?
Do you have some theme suggestions?

My task was a big one - to test all the recipes. In my free moments I got to work testing the ice cream recipes (which I halved). Luckily I had most ingredients on hand, and the only ingredient I couldn't get access to was guava so I omitted that sauce (after asking her if there was a substitute and she said "no"). Most recipes worked out great, while some components didn't turn out quite they probably should have.
There just wasn't time to get it on camera but here are a few little clips.

The ice cream recipe was just one part of the contest. I carefully went over each post looking at the creativity of blog post, theme, photos, overall presentation, and of course the recipe itself (taste, creativity, how user friendly/easy it was to make).

And let me remind you of the incredible grand prize from Raw Guru. All organic/all raw:

- Chocolate hazelnut fig bark
- Cashews
- Cacao powder
- Goji berries
- Vanilla bean
- Coconut nectar
- Rawtella
- Wild jungle peanuts
- Any one Sweetly Raw dessert eBook of your choice

So who came out on top?? It was a close one!

The winner of the vegan ice cream sundae challenge is...

Thereasa pulled out all the stops on this one. She drew me in with her tropical fantasy theme which opened her post and led to her delicious recipe. A number of recipes contributed to her sundae, yet each part was very easy to put together. Her use of rum was a unique addition to her sundae, as was the use of the actual pineapple core in her shaved ice recipe - this was new to me. I didn't know you could use the core! As I mentioned above, I couldn't find guava so I omitted it and just used cherries for the sauce. The flavors of her sundae were exciting and delicious, and the textures were just right. In my mind, a great ice cream sundae is made up of ice cream, sauce, and fruit or other toppings - Thereasa did just that, along with shaved ice and whipped cream on top! She took it to a whole new level by serving the sundae in a martini glass and dressed up her sundae to look like a pirate ship. I urge you to try her delicious and creative pirate's plunder sundae!  
I hope she enjoys her prize of goodies to make more ice cream sundaes.

In second place is Angela's Berry Bearilicious Sundae. She will also receive a copy of Ice Cream in the Raw.

In third place is Amy's Pretty In Pink Sundae. She will receive a copy of  my Ice Cream in the Raw eBook.

Big thanks to everyone to participated and to everyone else who took a moment to vote for the Viewers Choice. Maybe I'll see you for another dessert challenge in the future... remember to let me know what you think would be a fun theme for the next one.

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